Foad Nahai, MD - Atlanta, US




Dr. Foad Nahai

  • Blepharoplasties

  • Face-Lifts

  • Bodycontouring

  • Botox / Filler



2 weeks

Description of Program

The Emory Aesthetic Center is a multi-specialty center covering a large variety of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic treatments. Visitors are limited to two weeks at a time to observe surgical procedures in the operating rooms. Visitors may not be involved in patient care and will not be able to scrub or assist in surgical procedures. This is an observer ship and not a fellowship.

Program Director

Dr. Foad Nahai

Licensure Requiered?

Not Applicable as visitors are not involved in patient care


The visitor must be a board Certified Plastic Surgeon or a resident in Plastic Surgery in an accredited training program. The visitor is required to complete an application and to provide letters of introduction from their training program director. The application has to be approved by the Department of Surgery Emory University.

Funding / Salary provided?


Housing provided?


ISAPS members only?


Contact data

ISAPS Expert: Dr. Foad Nahai
Clinic Name: Emory Aesthetic Center

Contact Name: Foad Nahai
Department: Plastic Surgery

Street: 3200 Downwood Circle NW Postal Code: 30327

City: Atlanta State/Province: GA
Country: USA

Telephone: +1 404 778 6880 Fax: +1 404 355 3469



10 Benning Street, Suite 160 #264 West Lebanon

New Hampshire

Call Us: 1-603-643-2325

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