Sadri Ozan Sozer, MD - El Paso, US




Dr. Ozan Sozer

  • Blepharoplasties

  • Face-Lifts

  • Bodycontouring

  • Botox / Filler




1 - 6 months

Description of Program

El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is a single plastic surgeon practice. Over 800 general anesthesia cases (around 1200 cosmetic procedures) are performed in the onsite surgery center. Majority of the surgeries consist of breast and body contouring, but still fair amount of facial surgery is performed. The visitor will have hands-on experience in the operating room and also will be exposed to pre and post-surgical care of the patients. The practice also has two locations of busy medical spas where various non-invasive treatments are offered. The visitor will also be encouraged to participate in ongoing studies for publications. The visitor will also learn about management of a busy private practice and different strategies of marketing.

Program Director

Dr. Sadri Ozan Sozer

Licensure Requiered?

Need to be a senior resident in plastic surgery or a fully trained plastic surgeon.



Funding / Salary provided?


Housing provided?


ISAPS members only?

23. Sept. 2023 um 11:00 Uhr

Contact data

ISAPS Expert: Dr. Sadri Ozan Sozer
Clinic Name: El Paso Cosmetic Surgery

Contact Name: Sadri Ozan Sozer
Street: 651 Mesa Hills Postal Code: 79912

City: El Paso State/Province: Texas
Country: USA

Telephone: 1-915-351-1116 Fax: 1-915-351-8790



10 Benning Street, Suite 160 #264 West Lebanon

New Hampshire

Call Us: 1-603-643-2325

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