Fellowship Program

Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Verpaele - Ghent - Belgium

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Hospitals: Coupure centrum (Gent),


E:MC2 (Sint Martens Latem)

Head of Dept.

Dr. Patrick Tonnard 

Dr. Alexis Verpaele

  • Facial Rejuvenation


MACS facelift

Aesthetic lower/upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Brow and forehead lift




A 3 months fellowship can be spend in the prestigious private clinic of Dr Tonnard and Verpaele in Ghent, Belgium. Ghent is located 90 minutes south of Rotterdam.


The following rules will apply:

  1. As a fellow, you are expected to be present at all the surgeries performed by either Dr. Tonnard or

    Dr. Verpaele. Assisting with other plastic surgeons operating in the Coupure Centrum or in E:MC2

    is optional but recommended if available (Dr. Van Landuyt – Dr. Vermeulen).

  2. Responsibilities during the surgeries:

    1. To examine the patient’s notes and operating program to know the planning for each 

    2. To display the necessary preoperative photographs on the video screen before the operation.

    3. To assist the OR staff whenever needed in preparation of the surgery.

    4. To scrub into the operation for assisting, except when the senior surgeon advises you not

      to. When not scrubbed, you are expected to follow surgeries.

    5. To assist the OR staff to perform the postoperative dressing, to accompany the patient

      into the recovery room and to move the patient into the recovery bed.

    6. To write the operation report in English (using the templates provided) including the

      necessary sketches.

    7. It is highly advisable to take notes of every detail of every procedure: your memory is less

      accurate than you think!

  3. Photo’s: To respect the privacy of their patients, it is not accepted to take personal pre and

    postop pictures. You are encouraged to take intra operative pictures and videos. The fellow can keep a copy for personal use and a copy must be placed on the server in the Coupure Centrum.
All photographic or video material taken during the fellowship remains the intellectual property of Dr. Tonnard or Dr. Verpaele. You have no right of publishing or presenting this material in any way without the written authorization of Dr. Tonnard or Dr. Verpaele.

  4. Research: You are encouraged to participate at or to initiate the writing of clinical papers during your fellowship. Junior authorship will be granted.

  5. Library: each fellow can read books in the library. No journals or books can be borrowed at any time.

  6. Apron: Please bring your own doctor’s apron so you have the perfect fit.

  7. Arrival: Please inform them about your flight schedule so they know when to expect you.

  8. Car: The fellows will have the use of a car. To be allowed to drive this car here, you will need an

    international driver’s license. Make sure you acquire this before you come over.

  9. Apartment: There is an apartment available for the fellow. The rent of this studio will cost €500

    per month. As this unit is in high demand, they ask a guarantee of €1000, payable three months in advance. Half of this amount will be used to pay the first month of your rent. The other half will be used as a guarantee, which will be refunded at the end of your stay. However, the Gent unit is kindly asking their fellows to be neat and respectful in the apartment. If it is dirty or something is broken, this will be deducted from the guarantee. Please contact their secretary to arrange all details for the transfer of this guarantee.

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