Fellowship Program

Dirk F. Richter, MD - Wesseling, Germany

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Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital, Wesseling, Germany

Head of Dept.

Dr. Dirk F. Richter

  • Facial Rejuvenation


Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty


Midfacelift & Browlift

Facelift (SMAS-ectomy/SMAS-plication)


Dr Dirk Richter is head of the plastic and reconstructive surgery department of the Dreifaltigkeits- Hospital in Wesseling near Köln in the North-western part of Germany. He is well known for his facial surgery, where he focusses on periorbital rejuvination. His other interest is body contouring. He is the current president of ISAPS.

I. Participating unit

The Dreifaltigkeits-Hospital is situated close to the river the Rhein, in between the two cities of Köln and Bonn. It is a small but comprehensive and well equipped hospital, with for instance its own intensive care unit.

II. Accommodation

The secretary of Dr Richter can be contacted under e.breuer@krankenhaus-wesseling.de or on +49.223.677.530. She can help to arrange the accommodation before you arrive. Typically rooms in the hospital will cost €235 per month including internet and international phonecalls. Appartments can be rented for €322 per month. Make sure you announce your visit well in advance, otherwise these reduced fee rooms will not be available anymore.
For more information on Köln and Bonn please visit: http://www.cologne.de/

III. Transportation

Public transport is the best way to get around the area. The airport is 10km to the east of the hospital, on the other side of the river.

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with licence

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Housing provided?