Fellowship Program

Dr. vd Meulen and Dr. Stevens - Rotterdam -

The Netherlands

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Velthuis kliniek | Rotterdam

Head of Dept.

Dr. Jacques van der Meulen

Dr. Jeroen Stevens




Aesthetic periorbital surgery

Revisional aesthetic facial plastic surgery


General aesthetic surgery


Open and closed rhinoplasty
Aesthetic lower/upper eyelid blepharoplasty Subperiosteal midfacelift
Brow lift
Endoscopic foreheadlift
SMAS-ectomy facelift
En bloc facelift
Facial lipofilling


I. Unit

During the Dutch fellowship you will be located in and around the city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is just south of the international airport Schiphol. It takes 20 minutes to get there on the high speed train at the cost of around €15, while it takes 50 minutes on the normal intercity train. They each run four times an hour.

During the aesthetic fellowship in Rotterdam you will be located at the Velthuis kliniek, which is one of the biggest private clinics in the Netherlands. Dr. Stevens and Dr. van der Meulen use this location as the Dutch centre of their aesthetic practise. The Rotterdam branch of this respected national chain of private clinics is located only a 15 minutes metro ride from the centre of town. Surgeries and consultations fill 5 days each week, with multiple procedures being performed each day.

II. Accommodation

You will have to arrange your own accommodation. We have two reliable contacts for you where you can try to secure a safe and comfortable place to stay. We suggest however you take initiative early to make sure you have this sorted.

-  One clean and furnished room available in a decent neighbourhood of Rotterdam. The rent is

-  typically about €500 per month. You can contact the owner at

A second shared apartment (with separate rooms but a shared kitchen) if you prefer the company of like minded other fellows ( The rent for this place is around €1000 per month. You can contact the owner at

Clinic clearance

The Netherlands has very strict rules on hygienic clearance for visiting heath care professionals. This means that you will have to show the following upon arrival before you are allowed access to the Velthuis clinic:

-  Recent proof of Hep B anti immunity status

-  A TBC clearance, either by Mantoux or by chest X-ray

-  Recent MRSA throat and nose swab results. These can not be older that two weeks before the

start of the fellowship.

Be aware:

  1. Without these we can not grant you access to our patients related activities.

  2. We are obliged to repeat these swabs when you first arrive at the clinic. You will be able to join

    all if you have provided us with the above, but your final approval depends on the test results of the swabs we take at the start of the fellowship.

III. Transportation

We advise you to travel to the clinic in Rotterdam by public transport, which is well organised in the Netherlands.


IV. Visa

We suggest you apply for a tourist visa in the Schengen zone.

Licensure Requiered?



with licence

Funding / Salary provided?


Housing provided?