Fellowship Program

Dr. Michel Pfulg and Dr. Serge Lê Huu - Montreux -


  • Laclinic Montreux

  • Dr. Michel Pfulg

  • Dr. Serge Lê Huu

Facial Rejuvenation

  • Upper eyelid blepharoplasty

  • Lower eyelid blepharoplasty

  • Foreheadlift

  • Browlift

  • Facelift (SMAS-ectomy/SMAS-plication)

Laclinic is a multidisciplinary plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic dedicated only to beauty. Under the same roof you will find all the specialties involved in the embellishment of a person: aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, aesthetic dermatology, aesthetic dentistry, endocrinology, hair replacement surgery, LPG massages and drainages, beauticians.

Laclinic is a small and exclusive establishment located in an old villa overlooking lake Geneva. Two plastic surgeons operate full time in the clinic and perform approximately 500 aesthetic surgeries per year. The fellow will assist the two surgeons in all their procedures. Besides that, the fellow will be expected to take care of the in-house clients (10 rooms), preform the removal of the sutures and do part of the administrative work. The fellow will also have the possibility to participate in the private consultations as an observer. On top of that, the fellow will get the opportunity to watch all the other specialists working in the clinic, therefore improving his or her knowledge in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and other medical fields related to beauty.


An apartment will be allocated to the fellow free of charge


Montreux is a small town. Within the town transportation is not an issue. Geneva (and the international airport just north of it) are approximately 90km away. There is an efficient trainconnection between Geneva Airport and Montreux. The clinic is 1,5km from the trainstation. The ski resort of Verbier is only one hour away.

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with licence

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