Fellowship Program

Dr. Versnel and Dr. Mureau - Rotterdam - 

The Netherlands



Dr. Versnel

Dr. Mureau

  • Craniosynostosis
    Cleft surgery
    Oncological reconstruction:

  • Nasal reconstruction
    Periorbital reconstruction
    Intraoral reconstruction
    Reconstruction following resection of skintumors

  • Facial reanimation (congenital and acquired palsy)

Free flaps/microsurgery
Local flaps 


  • Fronto-supra-orbital remodellation and advancement

  • Fronto bi-parietal remodellation

  • Le Fort III/Monobloc distraction

    Rhinoplasty: primary/secondary, congenital (cleft, CF) Cleft lip and palatal closure

During the Dutch fellowship you will be located in and around the city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is just south of the international airport Schiphol. It takes 20 minutes to get there on the high speed train at the cost of around €15, while it takes 50 minutes on the normal intercity train. They each run four times an hour.

Reconstructive fellowship

In previous years this part was included in the overall fellowship, but due to practical reasons it is now separated from the aesthetic fellowship in Rotterdam.


This means that reconstructive fellows will spend their time completely in the Erasmus Medical center (EMC):

This center houses the largest plastic and reconstructive surgery department of the Netherlands (13 consultants, 12 residents) which covers over 30 plastic surgery theater lists each week. The Erasmus Medical center combines adult reconstructive surgery (3 to 4 full plastic theatre lists per day, with a minimum of 5 free flaps per week) with congenital plastic surgery at the “Sophia Kinder Ziekenhuis”, the biggest Dutch childrens hospital and home to the largest paediatric intensive care unit of Europe (50 beds) and to the Dutch National Craniofacial Unit. This unit sees about 100 new craniosynostosis cases each year, together with 80 cleft cases. Each week 2-3 transcranial procedures are performed. On top of that fellows can get acces to the medical faculty, which houses the anatomy department and the skills lab that can be used to train microsurgical skills in an animal model.

Accommodation reconstructive fellowship

Please contact Dr Versnel at s.versnel@erasmusmc.nl for more information on this.

Workspace at the Sophia Childrens hospital

The fellows will share a room with Dr Versnel in the Sophia Childrens Hospital, where a desk and computer with internet access will be available.

Visa and hospital clearance

The authorities have strict rules in place for visiting doctors. Please read the chapter on pre fellowship requirements very carefully to prevent unexpected disappointments!!

Licensure Requiered?



with licence

Funding / Salary provided?


Housing provided?



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