Fellowship Program

Dr. Nikoumaram - Theran - Iran

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Islamic Azad University Tehran

Head of Dept.

Dr. Babak Nikoumaram

  • Rhinoplasty




The 3-month fellowship in Tehran, the capital of Iran, has much to offer for plastic surgery training especially for Rhinoplasty. Here Dr. Nikoumaram as the main supervisor with help of the other well-known plastic surgeons fulfills your enthusiasm for operating Rhinoplasty up to an expert level. The prospected fellows will encounter at least 25 Rhinoplasty cases in a month and among other plastic surgery cases the total log book could be around 150 cases during 3-month fellowship.


I. Participating units

Following busy private hospitals and Day clinics work together to give the fellows ample exposure:


¬    Alfa Day Clinic

Crossing Nelson Mandela Blvd and Mirdamad Blvd, No.400

Tel: +98 21 8820 9101


¬    Arad Hospital

Somaye St., between Dr. Shariati Ave. and Bahar St.

Tel: +98 21 77601095


¬    Azar Day Clinic

#6, 36th Street, Vali-e-Asr St.

Tel: +98 21  88781578


¬    Iran Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic

Sanei St., Vanak Square

Tel: +98 21 88642919


¬    Iranmehr Hospital

Shariati St., Above Zafar St,

Tel: +98 21 22009071


¬    Sheykh Bahayi Day Clinic

Sheykh Bahayi St., Molla Sadra St.

Tel: +98 21 88041641


  1. Accommodation

Accommodation in Tehran is not cheap but Dr. Nikoumaram’s secretary Miss Salimi can help the fellows to find an appropriate room or apartment near the participating centers. The price is about 500 Euros. Please contact Dr. Nikoumaram’s office at +98 919 648 0480 for Miss Salimi or reach Dr. Nikoumaram at to help you in this matter.  Breakfast and Launch is served free of charge in the centers that the fellow would attend.



  1. Transportation

The clinic is 30km from the airport.From Imam Khomeini International Airport to any portion of the city of Tehran the taxi fare is flat rate and about 17 Euros (50 Kilometers). In the city the shared taxi is 1-2 Euros. The Metro is about 0.15 Euros but it is not well developed.


IV. Visa

You can apply online for visiting visa for Iran for under 1month through and get  the  Visa On Arrival at the Airports.  For 3 month visa, the supervisor in Iran must apply for your visa and give you the authorization code to get the visa. It may be take several weeks.


V. General remarks

  • In Iran the first day of the week is Saturday and only Friday is a holiday so the clinics works 6 days a week.

  • Cost of living except for home rental is not so expensive

  • All the Major currency accepted in the exchange shops but mostly US dollar and Euros.

  • The voltage is 220 volts and the outlet is the same as in Europe

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