Apr 2015 Rotterdam - Lax Bhandari (Bangalore, India)

“I had a wonderful time during my fellowship in Rotterdam. The participating units namely, Erasmus MC (with three hospitals: Sophia children’s hospital, Adult hospital, DDH Cancer Hospital), Velthuis aesthetic clinic (Rotterdam); Bergman aesthetic Clinic (Rijswijk) and Utrecht Medical Center (Utrecht) emailed us their weekly operation schedule. We, the fellows are free to select the surgeries of our choice and visit the respective centres. In the operation room, fellows get to scrub in as first assistant. The consultants explain the procedures and share their vast experience, which are invaluable for the young surgeons. There are no ‘duties’ or ‘on calls’ assigned to the fellows. In addition to the clinical learning, we can also have fine tune our microsurgical skills in the skills lab or learn about literature research through the Pub Med course in the library. There are ample opportunities to write a paper or visit a neighbouring hospital. The accommodation provided was very comfortable with all essential amenities. The rent was subsidised and I paid only the difference. This two bed room apartment is situated close to Sophia hospital and other places are easily accessible by the well organised public transport system. In addition we are provided with a bicycle to commute and explore Rotterdam. My living expenses were roughly 1000 euro per month (500 rent, 200 transport, 200 Groceries, 100 others). My deepest gratitude to Dr. van der Meulen, Dr. Klepetko and Dr. Stevens and all other consultants for their guidance and teaching.”

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