Apr 2015 Rotterdam - Putri Lakhsmi (Surabaya, Indonesia)

“DAFPRS fellowship program is a One-stop educational center for young plastic surgeons. It offers us the opportunity to learn at multiple plastic surgery centers from all over Europe with many world-renowned International Experts. I am currently working as a lecturer/clinical plastic surgeon and I am positioned in the Craniofacial surgery division. My 3 months fellowship in Rotterdam enabled me to pursue enhancement of knowledge, skill and experience in facial reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

The fellowship program took place mainly at Erasmus Medical Center, which is the largest Dutch Craniofacial Unit with experts like Prof. Irene Mathijssen, Dr. Sarah Versnel, and Dr. Leon van Adrichem. I also had the opportunity to study in Utrecht Medical Center that has the largest cases for Microtia in the Netherlands and famous with its living legend Ear reconstructive surgeon, Prof. Moshe Kon. Other than Erasmus and Utrecht Medical Center, this fellowship granted me the opportunity to take part in aesthetic surgery at Velthuis Clinic with Dr. Jacques van der Meulen and Dr. Heike Klepetko, and also at Bergman Clinic with Dr. Jeroen Steven. These aesthetic surgery sessions are something I learned a lot from, as I feel this subject was slightly less covered during my residency period in Surabaya. It is really a one-on-one teaching process and one in a million fellowship program. Everyone I worked with during my fellowship was extremely helpful, friendly and relaxed. They made it very easy for me to adapt the new situation, and they are all eager and sincere to share their skills and knowledge with me.

My special thanks goes to Dr. van der Meulen who organized this fellowship. He has truly taught me how to be a good surgeon with an eagle’s eye, a lion’s heart and a lady’s hand. Also along with him, Prof. Mathijssen who made it possible for me to spend my last week of fellowship at Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris with Dr. Eric Arnaud. Dr. Sarah Versnel who gave me opportunity to learn orthognathic surgery from Oral, Maxillofacial expert Prof. Wolvius who also enable me to learn more about Orthognatic by visiting Changgung Memorial Hospital this October. And last but not least, Prof. Kon who arrange my visit to Nagata’s Clinic this September.

All in all, I really recommend this five star fellowship program for young plastic surgeons from all over the world, as it opens up a vast network of world-class international plastic surgeons.”

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