Apr 2015 Vienna - Aline Wickert (São Paolo, Brasil)

“I had an unique experience participating in a three months hands-on-fellowship in Vienna. The fellowship was well organised in every small detail, making me feel at home at the same time I was learning from great professionals. I cannot thank Dr Klepekto, Dr van der Meulen and the whole Radetzky Villa team enough for such kind and friendly hospitality. I had the opportunity to work with Dr Klepetko and Dr van der Meulen, both great professionals and fantastic professors, making all possible efforts to share their knowledge with me, showing different approaches/techniques depending on each specific case. And the opportunity to join pre and pos-op consultations, was a very important part of the fellowship, which surely helped preparing myself for my own future practice.  I also had the opportunity to work with all Plastic Surgeons from Worseg Clinics. Both Clinics, Radetzky and Worseg, have a great team from whom you can (should) learn so much, not only acquiring and improving your skills, but also becoming a better professional, with all kindness, friendship, professionalism, and respect they treat their patients, hospital team, colleagues and myself. This fellowship program, combining experience in two Clinics, plus surgeries in three other Hospitals in the city, was a very interesting proposal to enrich all possible knowledge and experience we can benefit from. I was exposed to a variety of surgeries such as facelift, blefaroplasty, rhinoplasty ( closed and open), endoscopic forehead lift, neck lift, otoplasty, brown lift, neck liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, abdominoplasty, fat graft, mammoplasty, botox and fillers procedures, etc. I also participated in the Dr Tulp Course, organized by Dr Jacques van der Meulen in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This year the course focus was on Facial Plastic Surgery. I do not have enough words to explain how great this fresh cadaver Course was, with great international professors lectures. I can surely say it was the best Course I have ever attended. I will always be thankful to everyone that made this experience so incredible.

I would strongly recommend the DAFPRS facial fellowship to any junior plastic surgeon! If you aim to improve your surgical skills, to upgrade your knowledge, to learn different techniques and approaches, reaching a new level, this is the experience you NEED!”

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