Apr 2016 Salo - Naveem Kumar (Ponticherri, India)

It has been memorable experience and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to be in Villa Bella clinic. Also, express my gratitude to Dr Botti, Dr Chiara and Dr Antonio for guiding me during fellowship. With respect to clinic, it has well equipped with advanced instruments to give comprehensive care for patients who come for cosmetic surgery. There is steady input of patients during my 3 month postings. Grossly, they do facial plastic and breast surgery in addition to abdominoplasty, liposuction and opd procedures (botox, fillers and lasers).

The access to library is an added advantage where I found books authored by Dr Botti. By going through textbooks and observing surgery helped me to understand the nuances of aesthetic surgery more clearly. Also, I had an opportunity to scrub with Dr Botti, Dr Chiara and Dr Antonio. They make sure to explain all key steps and kind and patient to answer all my queries. I witnessed some of finest skills of Dr Botti while doing facial surgery.

I again, thank Dr Botti for giving me an opportunity to participate in Breast workshop which was held for three days during my stay. The workshop was attended by many eminent plastic surgeons who shared their experience. Overall, I felt it as one of the best Aesthetic centers to be as a fellow, to understand the basic concepts of aesthetic surgery. I would definitely suggest for a beginner who wants to grow his career in cosmetic surgery to be in Villa Bella as a fellow.

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