Apr 2017 Salo - Karishma Kagodu (Bangalore, India)

“My stay in Salo was one of best experiences of my life. I stayed at “AL BORGO” bed and breakfast. This is the most convenient location- 5 mins walking from the clinic and very reasonable. The family who run the bed and breakfast were extremely warm and really took care of me. His clinic is uphill, 20min walk from downtown near the lake. The other option is LAKE GARDA HOSTEL, which is may be 5euro cheaper, but good 20min walking uphill from the lakeside , but its ok if you have vehicle to travel around. Salo is wonderful town along Lake Garda and has lots of activities in summer months especially starting June. One can explore lake Garda and Dr Botti gave us lots of advice on where to eat, what to look out for.

Dr Botti’s clinic is an amazing set up, well co-ordinated staff and he does surgeries from Monday to Thursday. 2 theatres running usually side by side . his daughter Chiara is plastic surgeon too and even she operates very well and I got to learn lots from her. Dr Botti has been a fantastic teacher, and, if one shows interest, he loves to teach. His sense of humour, hospitality  and generosity was overwhelming. One can get to learn everything about face lifts, browlifts, cervicofacial neck lifts. Besides face related procedures, he specialises in Breast aesthetic surgery. Thus, I learnt lots on breast surgery too, which was the added bonus. Dr Botti has library for us students, filled with books and CD’s of  various procedures, so one can spend time there and learn even more. He was very open to discussion and he would clear any doubt.  Friday to Saturday are consultations or he goes for conferences at times, so we were free to travel around or use his clinic to read. One may not be able to take part in his consultations, as the patients want their privacy, but you ca request him to show markings for cases, and he discusses every case with pictures pre-op.

In the end, I would just say that Dr Botti is a wonderful teacher and I have gained all the confidence and improved my skills in face and breast aesthetic surgery after staying with him. I have a special bond with the VILLA BELLA CLINIC now!”

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