Apr 2018 Köln Wesseling / Jul 2018 TehranIoannis Dalianoudis (Athens, Greece)

Applying for the DAFPRS fellowship was my best decision so far. I spend my first three months of the fellowship program with Dr Richter and his team in Wesseling, Köln, Germany. Everything’s was fantastic there. From the beginning they made me feel like a member of the team with the opportunity to scrub in and assist in many operations. Dr Richter was always very available and happy to explain in detail every step of the procedures and answer all of my questions. I have to say that he is a very gifted surgeon and he can be considered as one of the masters. It is truly a pleasure observing him operate. The clinical centre is very famous for eyelid surgeries, facelifts, body contouring after massive weight loss and exophtalmos surgery.

The daily program of the clinic included two to three operating tables covering every aspect of aesthetic plastic surgery. Also, very important was the pre-operative planning and post-op management of the patients. The accommodation was great, as they arranged an apartment for me on hospital campus, at less than a minute walking.

The second part of my fellowship program was in Tehran, Iran. Upon my arrival, everything was already organised in detail by Dr Nikoumaram. The whole Iranian Society of Plastic Surgery was there to welcome me and make me feel like home. Every day I had to visit a different hospital or clinic according to the operations program. All doctors gave me the opportunity to scrub in and assist them during the operations. All of them are really talented and world renown plastic surgeons covering every aspect of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Rhinoplasty was the main operation, giving justice to the fame of Tehran being “capital of Rhinoplasty”. The big advantage of Tehran as a participating unit of DAFPRS, is that there are many doctors involved in the program, which means that every day there are many options for surgeries.

Dr Nikoumaram helped me with my accommodation, by offering me two options, a room to a hotel or an apartment. I choose the apartment as it was more spacious, in a very beautiful area of the town with a nearby park and museum and I don’t regret it. Tehran is a beautiful city with many places to visit and very easy to move around. Whatever you choose, taxi or public transportations are very cheap. Personally, I used the snapp (similar to Uber).

Dr Nikoumaram was there for everything that might come up and it is truly a great host! I have to thank all other Plastic Surgeons that gave me the opportunity to learn and made me feel like home. I believe that my knowledge in aesthetic facial plastic surgery and especially in rhinoplasty improved enormously. Farewell Tehran, I promise that I will be back for visiting!

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