April 2012 Rotterdam - Thijs de Wit (Breda, The Netherlands)

“I would surely recommend the DAFPRS facial fellowship to every junior plastic surgeon! Whether you were trained in a department specializing in reconstructive microsurgery or in a unit performing mainly aesthetic plastic surgey, you will find the oppurtunity to see and do operations you haven’t seen or done before and to reach a new level in the ones you know already. The fellowship’s staff surgeons together cover all aspects of congenital, reconstructive and aesthetic craniofacial surgery and are all internationally renowned in the field. And even more important: they all take great enthusiasm in passing their knowledge and skills on to you and they are readily prepared to discuss them with you. You will receive their surgery lists beforehand and you are completely free to pick the operations you like most and most of the time you are even able to scrub in on them. This way you are able to learn the way you want it, in a friendly teaching setup. I did the three months program in the Netherlands immediately after my residency in plastic surgery. I think every junior plastic surgeon at this time feels more confident in certain areas of plastic surgery and less in others. Especially in and around the face and skull! For me, even the relatively short period of three months was perfect to expand my surgical comfort zone exactly in the  direction I wanted it. I wouId like to thank Dr van der Meulen, Dr Stevens, Prof Kon, Dr Mureau and Dr Klepetko in helping me do so. I strongly believe that this fellowship will steepen every junior plastic surgeon’s learning curve, boosting his or her ability to operate the face.”

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“I spent half of my time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and half of it in Ghent, Belgium. The experience I obtained was indeed very broad and useful for my career in Plastic Surgery. I observed complic