Feb 2017 Rotterdam - Fadi Zawawi (Amman, Jordan)

“A young plastic surgeon usually has an adequate surgical skills and a good back up of knowledge. But it is mostly the ability to use the skills and knowledge in the right way at the right time, the ability to analyse each patient’s complaint and choose the best way one can achieve the best possible results, which is lacking. All those are the details needed to make young surgeons develop into a confident and successful plastic surgeon. And this can be best done by being exposed to a high load of surgeries and working with and learning from great surgeons. And luckily I did during my fellowship in Rotterdam. My focus during the fellowship was on the aesthetic facial plastic surgery and thanks to the help and generosity of Dr. Jacques van der Meulen, Dr. Heike Klepetko and Dr. Leon van Adrichem I managed to go back home with the maximum benefit I could get which will effectively change and enhance my practice in the future. My tutors were all generous in answering my questions and not once they hesitated to explain even the tiny details.

The diversity and number of surgeries done during my stay was really impressive, from the aesthetic facial plastic surgery to the post oncology and trauma reconstructive surgery and to the paediatric plastic surgery, you can find a new and interesting thing every day. It makes you wish to be able at many places at the same time so you don’t miss the chance of watching and being a part of those sophisticated surgeries and that was the daily routine. The Microsurgery skillslab with the extremely nice staff was also of the great remarks in my fellowship. I definitely recommend this fellowship for every young plastic surgeon.”

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