Jan 2014 Rotterdam - Carlis Verdins (Riga, Latvia)

“I had the great opportunity to spend 3 months as a fellow in Rotterdam from January to March 2014. This fellowship proved to be an excellent chance to learn from innovative surgeons. The operation timetable was well structured and flexible. There were different centers participating in the program, which gave the fellows opportunities to attend cases of their individual interests. I advanced my knowledge and experience in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and especially ear reconstruction operations.

Dr. Van der Meulen and Dr. Klepetko provided detailed insights and training in cosmetic surgery. I joined them in the Erasmus MC and Velthuis private clinic. I gained a lot of experience from doing so.

The microsurgery skills lab was an excellent resource for improving microsurgical skills using live models. I would like to especially thank to Mrs. Ineke Hekking – Weijma and Mrs. Esther Breure – Fijneman for training.

The fellowship also helped me extending a network of professional contacts from different countries.”

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