Jan 2015 Rotterdam/Stuttgart - Leonardo Ioppolo (Calabria, Italy)

“In Rotterdam I appreciated the organisation of the fellowship a lot. I have to thanks Mrs. Perlita for the help in the first period. The amount and the variety of surgeries is amazing. I had the possibility to attend the Children Hospital (craniofacial surgery), the Erasmus MC-Daniel den Hoed (microsurgery reconstruction) and follow the practice of Dr. Jacques van der Meulen and doctor Jerome Stevens, concentrating on aesthetic surgery. I appreciated the whole team’s willingness to teach and their friendly approach to us, especially I would like to thanks dr. van der Meulen, Dr. Stevens, Dr. Klepetko, Dr. Mathijssen and dr. Adrichem for the extraordinary attitude to teach.

In Stuttgart I had the possibility to learn the state of art of rhinoplasty. Prof. Gubisch, Fischer, Haack and all the members of the team were always there ready to answer to the questions. Every day, 5 days at week, there were at least 4 aesthetic rhinoplasty and several reconstructive procedures. I fully recommend also this place, more and more for the German-speaking fellows.

I will always thank dr. van der Meulen for this opportunity, I think was one of the best experiences in my working life.”

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