Jan 2016 Rotterdam - Alberto Còrdova (Lima, Peru)

“By the end of March 2016, I had finally completed my facial plastic surgery fellowship in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). In retrospect, it was an incredible three-month and my goals were absolutely met. During my time there, I worked closely with Dr. van der Meulen and Dr. Klepetko at Velthuis Kliniek. They provide not only a high caseload in facial procedures, but also in body contouring surgery. On the other hand, Dr. Stevens at Bergman Kliniek has a special interest in facelift and he frequently uses liposuction and lipofilling in facial rejuvenation. In addition,  at the Sophia’s Hospital Dr. Versnel provides a detailed insight in craniofacial surgery which is certainly one of the most powerful surgeries of the face. Learning how to safely approach facelifts using various techniques was a critical aspect of my training over this time period. Many tricks that bring outstanding results are usually discussed intra-operative by these doctors. However, one of the most unique aspects of the program is the wide range and depth of opportunities. I want to particular extend my gratitude to Dr. van der Meulen for giving me the opportunity to rotate with Dr. Eric Arnaud at Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris to solidify my experience in approaches to the craniofacial skeleton, as well as, to Miss van Woerkom, secretary of the Craniofacial Unit who is a key piece for the fellows.”

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