Jan 2016 Rotterdam - Sanjay Naran (Pittsburg, USA)

“The Dutch Association for Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to expand your exposure to a wide range of congenital, reconstructive and aesthetic cases, in both state hospitals and private practices. The Fellowship allows you to customize your schedule, and the volume and diversity of cases at the participating units provides the opportunity to “cherry pick” those of particular interest.

Sophia Children’s Hospital, and the team at The Dutch Craniofacial Unit provided the opportunity to follow multiple craniofacial surgeons (Drs. Mathijssen, van Adrichem, and Versnel), each of whom are enthusiastic and eager to teach. Of particular interest was their application algorithm of the full range of craniofacial correction techniques (distraction, springs, open calvarial remodeling, etc.). Oncologic head and neck reconstruction and other general plastic surgery cases were also available to participate in at the adult hospital at Erasmus MC, and very educational. There is also the opportunity to take advantage of a state-of-the-art and fully equipped microsurgical skills lab, which is staffed by experienced instructors that provide one-on-one guidance and training.

Dr. Stevens, at The Bergman Clinic, is very eager and excited to teach his approach to facial cosmetics. He has a high volume practice, and provides detailed instruction and commentary for his procedures. He also provided the opportunity to participate in research projects that were ongoing at the time.

Drs. Klepetko and van der Meulen, at the Velthuis Clinic, have a diverse practice that includes facial cosmetic surgery as well as breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction revision, and abdominoplasty. Dr. van der Meulen’s interest in rhinoplasty is particularly rewarding. Drs. Klepetko and van der Meulen are awesome teachers, enthusiastic and inviting, and provide one-on-one instruction with detailed insight and training.

In all, the Fellowship was an incredibly rewarding experience and proved to be an integral part of my personal plastic surgery training.”

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