Jan 2017 Stuttgart - Karan Shetty (Bangalore, India)

“ The DAFPRS fellowship, thanks to Dr.Meulen has opened my mind to the pursuit of excellence. I spent my 3 months in Stuttgart under the leadership of Professor Gubisch, Dr.Fischer & Dr.Haack. Reviewing a centre for its work which has been a department par excellence for the past 35 years would be belittling them, except that it opens  a young plastic surgeon to the possibility of near perfection with focus, hard work & innovation.

The entire department and nursing staff are helpful and kind  despite the majority of speech being in German(note). The accommodation is cheap and big enough for 1 person. The Metro system is excellent, so getting around isn’t a problem. German food is excellent and try the  beer in the different breweries, sublime. Little towns like Tübingen and the Black forrest are to be visited along with the mineral baths. I was here in the winter which can get a tad frustrating for someone who isn’t used to sub-zero temperatures.

Coming back to the hospital, the sheer number of rhinoplasties done will change your perception as to how many can be done in a day. Certain instruments developed by the department are extremely good. The only other tip would be to ask as many questions as you can and not wait to be explained. This centre has given many young surgeons the encouragement and the humility to pursue the field of facial aesthetics and we thank you for that.”

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