Jan 2019 Istanbul - Kumail Sayyed (Mumbai, India)

I was able to observe and assist Dr Cerkes in surgeries. His work predominantly includes a broad spectrum of rhinoplasty surgeries ranging from simple to complex including deviated septum, tip correction, dorsal hump, hanging columella, septal perforation, cleft lip nasal deformity, other congenital deformities, alar reduction, use of costo-chondral grafts, etc.

He is a very good teacher and explained each step in detail during the surgery along with the use of various instruments designed by him.

I could also learn other surgeries like facelift, fat grafting on face, chin implant, etc.

He operates from Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. Usually 1-2 cases are posted on each day depending on the complexity. His clinic is few hundred metres away from the hospital and usual time is 4pm- 8pm.

Professor is very calm and shares a very good rapport with all the doctors and staff. Hospital and clinic staff is also very efficient and cooperative.  Sometimes professor is travelling on weekends for various meetings. We can easily accommodate ourselves with his colleagues who are equally willing to share their knowledge. Best time of the year to visit professor is between October and March when he has fewer meetings.

The cost of stay for these 3 months was only around 2000-2500 US Dollars including Airbnb accommodation, BOM-IST Airfare, local travel and food. I would recommend it for fellows willing to predominantly learn rhinoplasty and also for those with limited means.

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