Jan 2019 Stuttgart - Stefano Marcelli (Milan, Italy)

I feel grateful and honoured to have been selected for the DAFPS fellowship program in the Marien hospital’s Facial Plastic Surgery Department. I thank Dr van der Meulen to make it possible.

I had the opportunity to assist a very high  number of procedures, mainly rhinoplasty but also complex nose reconstruction and aesthetic facial surgery. With no doubt the Stuttgart fellowship has been a milestone in my professional growth and I Thank Dr. Haack, Prof. Gubisch and Dr. Fischer for all the invaluable teaching.

On the other side you have to be aware that all cases and meetings are discussed in German language; this is not a hands on fellowship and do not expect explanations unless you ask for it.

For these reasons you should already have a good knowledge of nose surgery or combine intensive study at the same time  to take the most out of you time in Stuttgart.

I’ve been offered to rent one of the hospital’s room. They are small single bed rooms but definitely convenient (around 200€/month) if compared to normal rent prices in Stuttgart. Unfortunately their availability depends on  the moment. Logistically the hospital is located 20/25 minutes walking distance from the city center, public transports are well organized.

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