January 2011 Rotterdam/Stuttgart - Pieter Verduijn (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

“I can advise everyone who is interested in craniofacial surgery to apply for this fellowship. It is a great opportunity to see some really great surgeons. They are not only very skillful but they are also enthusiastic teachers. You will see most of them during international congresses as invited speaker or panel member. My program started with 3 months in the Netherlands where I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Mureau, Dr. Stevens, Prof. Kon and Dr van der Meulen. Here you can see the whole scope of craniofacial surgery from paediatrics to aesthetics and big craniofacial reconstructions. The next 6 weeks I spent in Stuttgart with Prof.Gubisch and his team. If you want to learn about rhinoplasty this is the place to be! My fellowship was completed with 6 weeks in Londen with Dr. Grobbelaar, who is known for his facial reanimation surgery, and the consultants in the Royal Free Hampstead hospital, a great experience. The big advantage of this fellowship is the diversity it offers and the way you can cherry pick the operations and hospitals. What I also found really attractive was to experience a different culture, both in as well as outside the hospitals. There certainly is the opportunity to scrub and assist during operations.”

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“I spent half of my time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and half of it in Ghent, Belgium. The experience I obtained was indeed very broad and useful for my career in Plastic Surgery. I observed complic