January 2012 Rotterdam/London - Layth Gurgia (Örebro, Sweden/Iraq)

“I would like to thank the Dutch Association for Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (DAFPRS) Dr Jacques van der Meulen and for this excellent Fellowship. The fellowship has been a unique experience. It offered a broad spectrum of facial plastic surgery in a comprehensive and organized manner with mixture of the reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery that is provided in a flexible schedule. This worked perfectly and satisfied my expectation. During my 3 months stay in Rotterdam, co-ordinators Ms van Woerkom and Ms Sack emailed operation lists so I knew what was going on every week in all the centers and I could choose what operations I wanted to attend. I had the great opportunity to practice microsurgery at the microsurgical lab at the Erasmus medical center in Rotterdam. I did approximately 50 hours of training there during my stay. The weekly indications meetings held on Thursday afternoons were enjoyable to attend and very informative. Even when only one fellow was present there, everybody in the meeting spoke English. I think it a was very kind gesture that made me feel welcomed and included. A special thanks also goes to the Dr Jerome Stevens who is very inspiring and a skillful mentor that guides and talks you through his operations. The staff at Bergman clinic in Den Hauge were very friendly and welcoming too. After three months in Rotterdam I went to London for another three months at the Royal free hospital. Everyday offers a wide variety of procedures to attend. I would like to thank Mr David Floyd, Mr Jag Chana, Mr Douglas Harrison and Mr Addie Grobbelaar. Everybody here has been welcoming I have had the opportunity to assist at their private clinics too. It has been a great pleasure and valuable experience and I would certainly recommend it this fellowship to any senior trainee wishing to further their experience in cleft, craniofacial, aesthetic or head and neck reconstructive surgery.”

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“I spent half of my time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and half of it in Ghent, Belgium. The experience I obtained was indeed very broad and useful for my career in Plastic Surgery. I observed complic