January 2012 Stuttgart - Ayodele Ogunkeyede (Ibadan, Nigeria)

“It is a great privilege to become a fellow under DAFPRS fellowship programme, not only has it offered me the rare opportunity to meet one of the finest facial surgeons- Prof W. Gubisch, but it has given me an avenue to interact with a unique area of Surgery –the Face, which I have always craved for. The clinic in Marienhospital Stuttgart, offers an excellent place to learn the skills required to become an excellent facial plastic surgeon. The team at facial plastic clinic in Marienhospital, has an uncompromising attitude to make you feel at home and carry you along on the day-to-day activities of the clinic. It was home away from home. Prof. W. Gubisch and Dr. H. Fischer are teachers per excellence as they are always eager to listen to your queries and answers with accuracy, bringing to bear with their years of experience in the field of facial Surgery. No query is stupid! They create environment for you to express yourself. The clinic gives you room to be involved in the pre-operative preparation of the patients and also, allows you to take part in the surgical procedures without any hindrance. Tricks that bring outstanding results are usually discussed during procedures. Special thanks to Dr. H. Fischer (Leitender Oberarzt) who made his office available for me during my stay, from whose experience I gained a lot. Finally, I am very grateful to Dr. Van der Meulen, for organizing this Fellowship programme, which has given some of us with deprived facial plastic surgery background an opportunity to learn from the best. You are one in a million!”

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