January 2013 Rotterdam/Gent - Nicole Lindenblatt (Zurich, Switzerland)

“I was part of the combined DAFPRS program spending 3 months in Rotterdam and 3 months in Gent. The fellowship experience in Rotterdam was fantastic, since the program is very well organized and the fellows are able to follow many different operations every day, including facial reconstructive, aesthetic surgery and craniofacial surgery. The program comprises the full spectrum of facial plastic surgery, which is rare in Europe. The fellowship will be of most value when the fellow already has operated a certain number of cases on his own, since the operations are performed by true experts of the field and tips and tricks then are appreciated more. Dr. vd Meulen is a great surgeon and has done a wonderful job in organizing the program, teaching us on a hands on basis in the OR, and getting across the essentials of facial plastic surgery. I was also impressed by the good cooperation between different specialties, e.g. in the corrections of cleft noses. The uniqueness of this program lies in the diversity and also complexity of operations that can be followed, which for me as a surgeon working in a university hospital will be of great help in the future. The reconstructive cases with Prof. Kon, Dr. Mureau and Dr. Klepetko were of high standard and very valuable. Dr. Stevens also did a great job in teaching us facial aesthetics and his approach to it. The second part I spent in Gent with Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Verpaele, who both are pioneers in the short scar Face Lift. Being part of the team of the Coupure Center/EMC was a great and very pleasant experience. Surgical perfection and accuracy guide every operation and the quest for new developments and techniques is present every day. Next to this I was able to attend the CATFAS meeting, which was an invaluable experience and a great chance to meet even more experts. The possibility to assist Prof. van Landuyt in many reconstructive cases and learning many tricks about perforator flaps from a true expert for me was a great addition to the intriguing aesthetic surgery performed in Gent. I highly recommend this fellowship to every specialist, who is interested in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. It will teach you the important details, gives you the opportunity to learn from true experts in the field and will provide you with all the tools you need to perform facial plastic surgery on a high level.”

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“I spent half of my time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and half of it in Ghent, Belgium. The experience I obtained was indeed very broad and useful for my career in Plastic Surgery. I observed complic