Jul 2014 Stuttgart - Amarnath Munoli (Mumbai, India)

“My stay in Stuttgart, Germany, at the Facial Plastic Surgery unit at Marienhospital with Prof. Gubisch and his unit was a great learning experience. It is an extremely well organised and busy unit where I was able to observe a large number of septorhinoplasties, nasal reconstruction surgery, excision and reconstruction for facial basal cell carcinoma as also blepharoplasties, Facial reanimation, otoplasty and Brow lifts. Prof. Gubisch is of course known worldwide for his excellent approach and technique of septorhinoplasty and I was able to learn from him at close quarters. We encounter a lot of cleft nose deformities back home and there are a lot of those being done here. I was also able to assist and learn a lot regarding the latest in nasal reconstruction from Dr. Helmut Fischer. I should make special mention of Frau, Helga Kurz, the chief secretary, who helped and guided me right from the first e mail regarding the granting of the Fellowship right up to my departure. The living arrangements are excellent and right across the street making commute easy. There is an issue regarding the issue of a practising license though and I would advise any future fellows to communicate with Frau Kurz in advance regarding the same. All in all, a wonderful academic opportunity for a junior consultant like myself.”

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