Jul 2017 Dublin - Francisco Flores (Mexico City, Mexico)

“First I would like to thank you Dr. van der Meulen for giving me the opportunity to participate in this fellowship as well as Dr. Murray and Dr. Theopold in Ireland who were sharing their experience and knowledge with me, not to mention other friendly colleagues and collaborators in the Irish healthcare system (registrars and nurses)  and craniofacial team ! About the location what can I say it’s Dublin!!!! Practical issues around there: housing little bit difficult to get sometimes seasonal/dependent. You might want to find something around the city centre where everything happens, but maybe you’ll find something farther that suits you better depending on your interests. Excellent public transportation even at night, good beer, great pubs, friendly people and lots to see around and do. About what really matters: There is plenty of craniofacial/maxillofacial/cleft palate surgeries and yes you work with true experts who share with you and teach you. A broad range of surgeries as well as clinics so enough exposure to craniofacial pathology. Also (when craniofacial is not enough for you) you might be invited to observe/participate in general plastics lists in some other hospitals around Dublin and some private practice by Dr Murray too! Perhaps three months is a little bit short for just craniofacial surgery since there are many things to learn in this particular area. Finally for me this fellowship made me evaluate myself too and see where you are lacking and where you’re not and yes broaden my indications, practical skills, knowledge and confidence as well as decision making as no plastic surgeon will be complete without exposure to all areas of plastic surgery. You will experience it all in Dublin!”

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