Jul/Oct 2014 Rotterdam/London - Oladipupo Oladimeji (Lagos, Nigeria)

“The experience offered by the fellowship is intangible; both in exposure to and the variety of Surgeons and procedures on offer. The Rotterdam units were well organized. Erasmus MC presents a plastic surgery department, big enough to meet the learning needs in paediatric and adult craniofacial reconstructive cases. The weekly academic meetings and other interactions are done in English language.  The microsurgery skills lab is also a unique highlight of the department ensuring that fellows get a very good training in a rare skill (free of charge). Many thanks to Prof. Hovius, Ineke and Esther. Rotterdam equally offers a very decent hands-on exposure to aesthetic surgery techniques and procedures at the Velthuis clinics through Drs Jacques van der Meulen and Heike Klepetko, and Bergman Clinic through the enthusiastic Dr Jeroen Stevens. Thank you all.

The Royal Free Hospital London offers a wide range of reconstructive surgery by leading professionals in Plastic Surgery. Mr. Grobbelaar’s facial reanimation solutions were fascinating, and the results great for the patient. I am also grateful for the learning opportunities offered me by Mr. Chana, Mr. Mosahebi, Mr. Kang, Mr. Sabbagh, Mr. Ghali and Mr. Younis and their colleagues; also, by the registrars, and weekly teaching sessions. A GMC registration is required to maximize the opportunities in London. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience.”

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