July 2012 Rotterdam - Ahmed Khawer (Bagdhad, Iraq)

“I consider myself so lucky to be one of the fellow of DAFPRS in Netherlands, it was  a wonderful  training course that upgraded my knowledge and experience in asthetic and reconstructive surgery. Especially Dr. Jacques van der Meulen, he was one of the interesting surgeons in one-to-one teaching and he gave us his experience when I join him in the Erasmus MC and Velthuis private clinic. Also Dr.Stevens was a wonderful teacher in lipofilling and MACS lift procedures and other head and neck procedures, and I was eager to learn from him. At  Utrecht MC AZU, it was a great opportunity to join Prof. Kon. He is a nice man who has a magic hand in reconstruction of microtia with rib graft. He taught me many tricks for carving and fixation of the ear frame. I would also like to thank Dr.Schuurman and Dr.Schellekens in Utrecht. A special thanks goes to Perlita and all the secretaries who provided us with weekly operation program so we could choose any list to join them. The period was interesting, beneficial and flexible. It is short period and I wish I could have stayed for a longer period because everything is so well organized. I had good opportunity training in microsurgery lab it was nice skill lab with good coordinator and assistant in the lab, there are no words enough to express my feeling  for such an amazing fellowship. My great regards and my appreciation to all who organize and work for this great fellowship.”

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“I spent half of my time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and half of it in Ghent, Belgium. The experience I obtained was indeed very broad and useful for my career in Plastic Surgery. I observed complic