July 2013 Montreux - Sathish Manivel ( Chennai, India)

“It was a great opportunity for me to undergo the DAFPRS fellowship at Laclinic, Montreux. Dr.Pfulg is an excellent surgeon and it was a pleasure to work with him and learn the Art of Aesthetic surgery, especially his techniques and modifications to achieve excellence in Facial surgeries. The one to one teaching experience during consultations and surgical procedures helped me to get an insight regarding planning and precise execution of complex procedures to get the desired results. Dr.Serge Le Huu is a great teacher, who spent time with me in explaining the principles, guiding and sharing his experience during my entire period of training. I was able to assist both the surgeons in all the wide variety of Aesthetic surgeries and was also able to perform some under their supervision and guidance. I also spent time with other specialists in the field of Aesthetic medicine, Dermatology and Aesthetic dentistry, making me understand the minimal invasive and noninvasive treatments and the concept of multidisciplinary approach to Aesthetics in general.  I truly feel this Fellowship has offered me good comprehensive training in Aesthetic surgery with special emphasis to Facial Aesthetic surgeries.”

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