Jun 2015 Rotterdam - Supasid Jirawatnota (Bangkok, Thailand)

“The DAFPRS program is really an enormous variety of operative procedures involving, of course, facial reconstruction and aesthetic, craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery, and also other reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries of the body (I made up my mind to explore only in the field of interest and what I supposed to do in real life back home to avoid being an extra year of rotating resident). The aesthetic part obviously makes this fellowship different. I managed to see and assist in various procedures, for example; rhinoplasty with Dr. Jacques van der Meulen, Lipofilling and facial rejuvenation with Dr. Jeroen Stevens, Breasts and body contouring with Dr. Heike Klepetko, these are just to name a few. These operations need time to learn and allow no learning-curve mistake, so make sure you look and memorise attentively.

For those who are doing head and neck tumor reconstruction, I highly recommend Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center as there is every type of defect you can imagine and you can learn the concept and artistry of aesthetic facial reconstruction from the master, Dr. Marc Mureau. All other attending plastic surgeons in Erasmus MC are extremely experienced and efficient. I was able to learn from true experts not only surgical techniques but also planning, problem solving, and the most important for me as a young surgeon, decision making. The given operative lists are in Dutch but you can understand them with only little helps just for the first couple days and then, fellows, just choose what you want to see or ask and you will be welcomed to scrub in.

So far away from home, Rotterdam was a pleasant, organized, and friendly city. I felt safe and settled in easily. Thanks to all generous and hospitable surgeons and staffs everywhere I got in. For young plastic surgeons, especially those with some practice background, who interest in facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, this fellowship will boost your experience and provide exposure to real challenging patients through the intensive 3 months.”

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