May 2007 Rotterdam - Miss Linda Treharne (Swansea, UK)

“This fellowship gives immense flexibility to suit the fellow’s interest, as there is a large amount of interesting and varied work taking place at the Erasmus Centre in Rotterdam. As my interest is in paediatric plastic surgery, I spent the majority of my time in cleft and craniofacial lists, but the fellowship would also suit someone interested in head and neck reconstruction or aesthetic work. As a non-Dutch speaker, I found my time to be best spent in theatre and have a logbook which reflects this, with 18 cleft cases, 20 craniofacial, 4 facial palsy, 3 microtia and 56 aesthetic cases, amongst others. Not bad in 4 months! I also logged my first “performed under supervision” cleft palate operations – an experience difficult to get in this field. The plastic surgeons, nurses and staff in Rotterdam are friendly and dynamic and I felt very welcome. All were happy for me to participate in their operating lists. The opportunity to spend time in Gent with Drs Tonnard and Verpaele is not to be missed. I only spent one month with them but came away with a good understanding of the MACS-lift, as performed by its pioneers. Opportunities for training in aesthetic surgery are hard to come by in the UK and this experience gave me a good understanding of the principles of all aspects of aesthetic surgery by leaders in the field. I would recommend this fellowship to any senior trainee wishing to further their experience in cleft, craniofacial, aesthetic or head and neck reconstructive surgery. It has helped me to fulfill my ambition and be appointed as a consultant in cleft lip and palate surgery.”

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