May 2011 Rotterdam - Ogbe Omoruyi (Lagos, Nigeria)

“My DAFPRS experience was very intense. Realising that I had a short time to learn what I came for –craniofacial surgery-, before embarking on a pre-arranged fellowship programme in Hong Kong, I made the most of my time. Just fresh from BAPRAS which was basically an observership programme, DAFPRS provided me such an opportunity to have some hands on experience in some world class hospitals namely, Erasmus MC, Sophia Children Hospital and The Bergmann’s Clinic. I was mostly fascinated by the rare privilege of picking up some practical skills of performing different aesthetic surgical procedures at the Bergmann’s Clinic where Dr. Jerome H. Stevens would literarilly run you through a live commentary of every step he takes such that you would hardly ever forget. It was my pleasure to have been a co-author of a paper on his innovative technique in midface lifting awaiting publication in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. Memories of the hospitality of DAFPRS organisers will forever be cheerised. I recall telling Ersoy, my colleague from Turkey, that Dr. Jacques van der Meulen’s leadership style and personality was unique and most admirable, an opinion he completely agreed with. While looking forward to future collaborations, l wish to congratulate DAFPRS for the great success they have achieved so far and for projecting the Dutch people in positive light.”

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“I spent half of my time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and half of it in Ghent, Belgium. The experience I obtained was indeed very broad and useful for my career in Plastic Surgery. I observed complic