Oct 2014 Montreux - Shilpi Badhani, (Mumbai, India)

“The DAFPRS fellowship has been a turning point in my career. I am thankful to Dr Van der Meulen for granting me this opportunity to train with Dr Michel Pfulg and Dr Serge Le Huu. It has been an enriching experience and has set a benchmark for me to be achieve in my own practice. Not only surgeries but the art of dealing with aesthetic surgery patients and a holistic approach to treatment was what I learnt there. Dr Michel Pfulg and his diligence is something to emulate while Dr Serge’s attention to detail leaves you inspired. The Clinic provides a complete training for aesthetic surgery ranging from facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction, silhouette lift, botox, fillers to name a few. I assisted every single case performed at the cIinic and also performed a lot of work independently under the guidance of Dr Pfulg & Dr Le Huu. The opportunity to see Dr Philip Blondeel’s work was an added advantage that I had at the clinic. I am thankful to the team at Laclinic who made me feel at home. It was my first international travel and gave me enough opportunity to grow as a surgeon and improve as a health care provider.”

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