Oct 2014 Rotterdam - Adnan Tahir, (Middlesbrough, UK)

“I would like to congratulate Dr. Van der Meulen and his team for organising this unique fellowship for Plastic surgeons interested in a career in craniofacial surgery, head & neck reconstruction, and facial aesthetics. I spent 3 months in Erasmus University and Sophia Children’s Hospital, Velthuis Clinic in Rotterdam and Bergman Clinic at The Hague. I would like to thank Dr Jerome Stevens for sharing his knowledge and philosophy in the field of Lipofilling, fat transfer and facelifts. His enthusiasm as a teacher is truly inspirational. At Erasmus, the high volume of operations and varied case mix allows the fellow to be flexible, allowing them to focus more on their area of interest. During this fellowship, I increased my knowledge and skills in paediatric craniofacial surgery and facial aesthetics under the supervision of Dr. Van der Meulen. I am grateful to him for finding the time to teach all aspects of facelift and rhinoplasty operations in his patients, increasing my confidence and skill, and taking it to a new level. I also had an opportunity to assist Dr. Nolst Trenite and learn rhinoplasty pearls from him at the Bergman Clinic.

Rotterdam is a thriving cosmopolitan city, where English is the second language so I had no problems with language barrier. The fellow is provided with subsidised accommodation including a bike to help with commuting. Public transport is very efficient, making it easy for the fellow to commute, explore, and enjoy Rotterdam. Amsterdam is only 30 minutes away by train to make most of the weekends. I would highly recommend this fellowship to senior trainees in plastic surgery and newly qualified consultants interested in craniofacial surgery, head and neck reconstruction and facial aesthetics. It was inspiring, motivating, and really an unforgettable experience for me.”

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