Oct 2018 Tehran/London - Ijeoma Onwuagha (Salvador, Brasil)

It was indeed a career uplifting and life-changing experience for me.

The Tehran experience was out of this world, what with the ‘tonnes’ of rhinoplasties and other facial and body contouring surgeries. The immense warmth and solicitude of the trainers and facilitators there and their expert skills are really commendable.

I had an awesome total paediatric plastic surgery experience at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) ranging from the spectacular autologous microtia reconstructions to the craniofacial surgeries, cleft and hand surgeries. Mr. Neil Bulstrode’s superb professionalism and sunny energy are what any young plastic surgeon should strive to acquire.  The entire GOSH experience was fantastic and bespoke.

I can only express a fraction of my deep satisfaction and gratitude to the organizers of this wonderful DAFPRS opportunity and hope the endeavour and enthusiasm are sustained for posterity.

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