Oct 2018 Vienna - Rosana Frempong (Salvador, Brasil)

Have a foreign experience in the specialisation I chose, was always a desire for me.  And it was really nice! The program content in Vienna mainly addressed face surgeries and rhinoplasty, but I had the opportunity to see a large number of procedures, more and less complex, always assisted by an experienced surgeon. As I see in Brazil, it is not easy to manage people in their training period in a sophisticated aesthetic atmosphere. Sometimes the patients don’t accept to be observed or to have their expectations shared with a foreign person, completely different from the doctor they choose. And every time, since the beginning, I found myself incorporated into routine care, surgery and follow-up of patients. Besides that, I was really impressed with the number of surgeries we did in this period. Here in Brazil we have the statistics that we are the second place in the world in numbers of aesthetic surgeries (back only the USA). But In Vienna, Radetzky Villa and the other hospitals I went, I saw volume, technique and diversity. The fellow’s experience exceeded my expectations. I would do it again and recommend it to all colleagues who wish to improve their technique and know a surgical universe of excellence.

The apartment I rented was really nice. The location of the Radetzky villa is great, in a leisurely neighbourhood with supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and public transport close-by. It’s a nice place to live, close to the hospitals.

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