October 2011 Rotterdam/Montreux - David Rasteiro (Lisboa, Portugal)

“The first time I heard about this facial fellowship, I held my expectations high. I had been searching for an international experience in this field for a long time and this sounded like the perfect opportunity. It didn’t disappoint. I took the 6 months program, the first 3 months in Rotterdam and the second three months in Laclinic, Montreux. For me it was a special combination of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. The first trimester I runned (or cycled) from Rotterdam or Utrecht to den Haag looking after the best surgical opportunities. It was an excellent learning experience. From craniossynostoses repair to ear reconstruction passing through microsurgical head and neck reconstruction and rhinoplasties, all could be found. In Laclinic was a totally different experience. The setting is marvellous and the clinic conditions are exclusive and luxurious. Mainly dedicated to aesthetic surgery, Laclinic works in a familiar, discrete environment. For me it turned out to be growing and maturing experience. Surgically is a world of knowledge, but what I treasure the most are the friends I gained.”

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