October 2012 Rotterdam - Babak Nikoumaram (Teheran, Iran)

“ My hands-on fellowship experience in Rotterdam was incredible; you’ll never run out of options what to see or do. The fellowship was well organized and it was stimulating to experience how all supervisors are willing to teach you in depth of what they know in the vast area of facial plastic surgery. Upon your arrival there is an exceptional lady, Perlita, that will assist you throughout your stay. She will send you a list of operations per email the week before which invariably contain many operations in all centres where you can freely choose from. I have never seen such a program to encompass both university hospital and private clinic for fulfilling every aspect of educating facial plastic surgery before. I would like to thank: 1- Dr JJNM van der Meulen, the program director and a talented craniofacial and aesthetic plastic surgeon that with his artistic medical drawing teach you the most sophisticated operation ready to digest and also a professional chef. 2- Dr Jeroen Stevens, an enthusiastic aesthetic plastic surgeon that have its own unique way of giving youthful face to his patients using lipofilling, PRP, face lift and etc. 3,4- Dr Marc Mureau and Dr Heike Klepetko who with their excellent microvascular techniques gives their patients whatever they need to do, feel and look better. 5- Prof Dr Moshe Kon a true master of total ear reconstruction that you should see yourself to believe it. Many thanks to Mrs. Hekking & Mrs. Fijnman for tutoring microsurgical skill lab and also to Prof. Hovius, Prof. Mathijssen, Dr Luijsterburg and all the resident and the staff of the hospitals and the clinics that provide me an atmosphere to work and learn like my own home. Finally I strongly recommend this fellowship for every plastic surgeon and I hope you be the lucky guy as I was to be accepted into this program.”

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“I spent half of my time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and half of it in Ghent, Belgium. The experience I obtained was indeed very broad and useful for my career in Plastic Surgery. I observed complic