Practical Issues



The fellowship consists of either one or two periods of 3 months, which if combined, span a period of 6 months. Due to visa restrictions only European passport holders are entitled to spend 6 months at the European locations in our program. For non-Europeans their stay is limited to 90 days within those units. Those limitations do not count for out positions in Turkey, Iran, India and England.


There are several locations to choose from in Europe:

1. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2. Ghent, Belgium

3. Montreux, Switzerland

4. Stuttgart, Germany

5. Köln, Germany

6. Vienna, Austria

7. Salo, Italy

Our participating units outside Europe (the Schengen zone) are located in:

1. London, UK

2. Thrissur, India

3. Istanbul, Turkey

4. Tehran, Iran

Please visit the respective pages under “participating units” in our menu for more information on the units and their supervising doctors.



Application and selection process

  • Applications must be submitted before 1 May in the year preceding the fellowship you are applying for.

  • You can only use the application forms provided.

  • If not all relevant questions on the forms are answered, your application will not be taken into consideration.

  • If not all forms are submitted before this 1st of May, your application will not be taken into consideration.

  • The results of the application process will be communicated in the month of September. Sending emails asking for your result will not speed up this process, nor will they be answered.

  • It is not possible to communicate about the result of your application.

  • After your selection all communication will run via the designated secretary of the unit you have been appointed to.

Fellowship course book

Once accepted you will receive a course book which contains all relevant information you would need in preparation of your fellowship. For instance, in the UK you will need to acquire your General Medical Council (GMC) registration before the start of your fellowship in order to participate in clinical work.


Fellows do not receive a salary. We believe that the experience our fellows obtain during their stay, is hard to come by and worth a lot over the course of their subsequent careers. On the other hand, they are also not required to do on calls or have other clinical duties. At some units where the fellows activities are helpful in everyday business (like in Ghent, Montreux and Vienna), costs of accommodation are reduced accordingly.




ISAPS is a non-profit organisation, running solely on voluntary workers. We do not have funding, nor do we have any relation to organisations who do. Fellows therefore have to arrange their own funding. When considering the investment, do keep in mind that knowledge acquired during these fellowships can prove to be invaluable during the course of your future career.

Transport and accommodation

Fellows will be provided with a bicycle for their period in Rotterdam and Vienna, as this is the most practical means of transport within these cities. In Ghent the fellows will be allowed the use of a car. A furnished apartment is available during the course of the fellowship in Gent, Vienna and Montreux. In London, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Salo and Thrissur you will be helped in getting affordable accommodation close to the hospital/clinic.

Costs of accommodation differ per location. Expect to pay around €500-700 per month in Rotterdam, €500 per month in Gent, and €250 per month in Vienna. The apartment in Montreux is free of charge.

Official clearance

Once accepted into the program, the fellow will have to provide us with the following before the start of the fellowship:

  • Signed copy of English translation of medical qualification

  • Certificate of good standing (in English) by the Medical Board of your residing country

  • Certified copy of your passport

  • Recent hepatitis-B immune status (max. 6 months ago)

  • Results of recent MRSA nose and throat swap (max. 1 month ago)


Once arrived at the EMC at the start of the fellowship, the fellow will have to be tested for TBC and MRSA status. This process of clearance at any medical department will typically take 3-5 working days. Only after you have been cleared will you be able to join in with the clinical work. If you manage to produce recent test results from your own country/hospital, it might help in shortening this period. Please see the coursebook for more details.


Each fellow is responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa needed to come to different countries in Europe. If the request for a visa is rejected, the right for joining the fellowship is automatically revoked. ISAPS can not be held responsible for fellows not able to obtain their visa. Please be aware that residents of some countries are required to leave the so called “Schengen” countries (= Europe) after a period of three months for a minimum of 90 days, before they can come back to do a second period of three months. This will of course increase costs and require more effort in planning.

In reality this effectively means that non-European fellows can not stay for a 6 months fellowship within the Schengen zone of Europe, but will have to limit their stay in this zone to 3 months. Combinations of 3 months in Europa followed by a consecutive 3 months in the UK, India, Turkey or Iran however are possible.

Please make sure to check if this is applicable to you before you come over, in order to prevent disappointment along the way.